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Corrugated Cardboard Boxes: An Overview

From pizzas to computers, what not is shipped in Corrugated Cardboard Boxes! There are a number of factors that make these boxes ideal for packaging and shipping. Prior to discussing them in detail let’s have a brief acquaintance with the structure of Corrugated Cardboard Boxes. Corrugated Cardboard comprises of wavy layer of flute, termed as corrugated medium. The flute is glued to flat sheets called liners. The more the number of layers, the greater will be the strength of the Corrugated Cardboard Box.

How Are Corrugated Cardboard Boxes Made?
Manufacturing of Corrugated Cardboard Boxes starts with preheating and steaming the corrugated medium at elevated temperatures. The process softens the paperboard enabling to form it into flutes. With the help of a machine, the paperboard is then given the shape of a series of waves. Adhesive is then applied on these flutes so as to stick it onto the liner. The corrugated cardboard sheets are then cut into specific sizes and assembled to form the Corrugated Cardboard Boxes.

Classification Of Corrugated Cardboard Boxes
Depending on the number of layers of corrugated media, Corrugated Cardboard Boxes can be classified into following categories:

  • Single Wall Corrugated Box- When there is only one layer of corrugating medium into between the two liners, the box is called Single Wall Corrugated Box.
  • Double Wall Corrugated Box- There are two layers of corrugated media glued between three sheets of flat liners.
  • Triple Wall Corrugated Box- There are three layers of corrugated media between four sheets of flat liners.

Advantages Of Corrugated Cardboard Boxes:

  • Light weight thus easy to handle while loading and unloading.
  • High strength to weight ratio imparts high load bearing capacity.
  • Can be stacked in layers thus allowing optimum use of available space.
  • High level of cushioning due to corrugated media ensures safety of items being shipped.
  • Can be reused and last long if handled properly.
  • Cost-effective.

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Foam Packaging: An Overview

Foam Packaging is the best solution for warehousing and shipping of fragile items. It is not only about safe handling but there are a number of reasons why Foam Packaging Solutions get preference over other Packaging Solutions. Some of them are listed below:

  •  Best Cushioning: Foam Packaging offers best cushioning to fragile items. Foam can be used to prevent the relative movement of the packed items thus preventing scratches. Foam Packaging also offers excellent safety against physical impacts including vibrations, shocks, jerks, etc.
  • Light Weight: Foam Packaging is extremely light in weight. This particular attribute makes the handling of the packaged material extremely easy reducing the chances of damage due mishaps.
  • Variety: Foam Packaging material is available in varying thicknesses, densities and models. As such, it can be used for packaging a diverse range of items.
  • Moisture Resistance: Foam Packaging material is essentially a polymer. Different types of polymers can be used for making Foam Packaging and most of these polymers exhibit resistance to moisture.
  • Cost Effecetive: Despite the above mentioned advantages, Foam Packaging Solutions are available at very reasonable rates. When compared to other packaging options such as wooden cartons, plastic pallets, etc.  Foam Packaging is really very cost effective.

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Wooden Boxes – A Great Way To Store Items

From centuries Wooden Boxes have been extensively in use to store a variety of goods that differ in nature, volume or application. Use of Wooden Boxes as storage and packaging materials has grown manifolds over the years. Today, the Wooden Boxes are available in plenty of sizes and finishes, and are used to store a number of small as well as large goods throughput the world.

The majority of Wooden Boxes that can be seen around are trunks. These large Wooden Boxes  can be used to store almost anything ranging from clothes to utensils and to varied household goods. Furthermore, these Wooden Boxes can be availed in standardized as well as custom-made sizes for required storage purposes. These Wooden Trunks are usually required in households.

Similarly, there are small Wooden Boxes; as functional as the large trunks. These Wooden Boxes too can be acquired in almost any size. The wood varieties used to make such boxes generally range from oak, pine, and to cherry. The customization options in small Wooden Boxes are never ending as you can get them in required shapes, finishes and even designs. These Wooden Boxes can be used to store small valuables, keepsakes, jewelry and likewise items.

Apart from their use in households, Wooden Boxes are widely used in industries for different types of packaging and material handling applications. The types of Wooden Boxes ranging from Nailed Wood Boxes, Cleated Wooden Boxes, Wirebound Wooden Boxes, and to Skid Boxes are ideal to be used in industries such as food & beverage, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, automotive, etc. These Wooden Boxes are sturdy and because of their high strength can bear heavy loads. Additionally, the Industrial Wooden Boxes too can be acquired in a variety of sizes, shapes and finishes.

Finding quality Wooden Boxes For Sale on internet is always a feasible option. Over the internet, you can pick from a large variety of Wooden Boxes in lacquered, stained and many other finishes. Besides, there are always chances of getting the best affordable deals when you Buy Wooden Boxes Online.

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Useful Details Of Packaging Boxes

There are numerous types of boxes which are used for packaging purposes. These Packaging boxes might be fabricated from a number of materials like corrugated boards, wood, metal, plastic etc. Packaging boxes are manufactured in various sizes and shapes. Packaging boxes are used for many purposes. The two major functions of Packaging Boxes are:

·    To provide protection to the goods during shipment
·    For convenience in handling goods during storage, transportation and distribution

Types Of Packaging Boxes And Their Uses

Corrugated Boxes: Corrugated Boxes are fabricated from Corrugated Fiberboard. Corrugated boards are made by gluing a wavy sheet in between two flat liners. Corrugated boxes are used for safe delivery of products. These are widely used in industrial packaging applications. People also use these boxes to pack things while relocating.

Wooden Boxes: Wooden Boxes are boxes that are used for storage or as a shipping container. These are also called Crates. These can be manufactured from several types of wood, lumber, plywood, etc. There are many types of Wooden Boxes which are used as shipping containers like, Nailed Wood Box, Cleated Box, Wire bound Box and Skid Box.

Metal Boxes: Metal Boxes are generally made of steel, an alloy of iron, which is quite tough and durable. These are used to contain store and carry heavy goods. Metal Boxes have a number of advantages over other kinds of Packaging Boxes. Metal Boxes are tamperproof and provide complete protection. But these are quite expensive compared to other types of Packaging Boxes.

Plastic Boxes: Plastic Boxes are quite common these days. Their popularity can be attributed to their lightweight, flexibility, durability and economic costs. But these are very difficult to dispose of. Plastic Boxes are widely used in Food Industry.

The choice of Packaging Boxes depends upon the purpose you want to use it for. If you want boxes for lightweight items then you can opt for Cardboard Boxes whereas if you want boxes for heavy goods then you can go for metal or Wooden Boxes. All these types of Packaging Boxes are easily available in different sizes and at affordable prices. You can also Buy Packaging Boxes Online.

Keep Your Deliveries Secure With Foam Packaging

Packaging Material comes in different forms but the most commonly used Packaging Material is Foam Packaging. Foam Packaging is gaining popularity as it ensures the safety of the product during shipment. Foam Packaging provides excellent protection from vibrations and shocks. Apart from product protection, Foam Packaging also ensures that perishable goods do not get spoilt due to exposure to the environment.

The demand for Foam Packaging is increasing as they can be used for transporting commercial goods as well as household items.  Foam Packaging Materials are used for many delicate items that require extra-protection against physical impacts. Foam Packaging can also be used for warehousing. Foam Packaging Materials are universally accepted as one of the best types of Packaging Material. There are several benefits of using Foam Packaging and they can be summarized as follows:

Benefits Of Foam Packaging

Highly Protective: Foam is basically made of plastic that has air blown into it. Foam is one of those materials that can easily absorb shocks and jerks during the shipment process. Foam Packaging is resistant to moisture and thus, offers complete protection to the packaged material.

Lightweight: Foam Packaging is light. This means that it can protect the product without adding much to the total weight. Foam Packaging is available in various sizes and shapes which enables you to conveniently use them for many purposes. It is very easy to manage them as Foam Packaging, unlike shredded paper, keeps the place tidy and clean.

Affordable: Foam Packaging is quite affordable as compared to other Packaging materials. Further, Foam Packaging is lightweight that cuts down the transportation cost substantially as the shipment charges are proportional to the weight of the goods being transported.

Customizable: You can easily tailor the Foam Packaging according to your specific requirements. These are extremely flexible and can be customized according to the size of the goods. These are easily available too.

Versatile: Foam Packaging is one of the most versatile forms of packaging available in the market. Foam Packaging is most commonly used when one is relocating to another place. These are also widely used by companies that sell delicate sensitive items such as glass products.

Recyclable: Another advantage of Foam Packaging is that it is recyclable and hence, eco-friendly.

In the light of the above mentioned benefits, nobody can deny the fact that Foam Packaging is the best Packaging Solution when it comes to shipment of fragile items. If you are looking for an affordable and convenient way to protect your belongings during shipment and storage, then you should definitely consider Foam Packaging.