Choose the right packaging for all your needs

Safe and secure shipping can be ensured only by selecting the right packaging solution. Damage and contamination are two of the major threats, and the packaging that efficiently combats these problems is the right choice. There are a number of factors that need to be taken into account so as to be sure that packaging will survive the harsh conditions, both physical and chemical during the course of transit. The nature and size of item to be packed, its fragility, the packaging material, etc. all effect the selection of packaging solution.

How To Select The Right Packaging?

  • The packaging must provide optimal protection to the product. Any damage may be a result of biological, physical, mechanical, biochemical or chemical agent, thus the packaging must withstand all this.
  • The packaging should be user-friendly and allow hassle free handling of the packaged items through the supply chain.
  • It should be cost effective.

Few Specific Examples

  • Sending Electrical Components: If you wish to send electrical components, it is always advisable to post them in an antistatic bag. Antistatic bag protects the component from any electrostatic charge which can cause damage.  For non-electrical components, you might wish to use a foil bag or a poly bag. Not only are they appealing in appearance but also protect the components harsh conditions.
  • Transporting Larger Items: Fragile big items require more protection, thus you should choose a cardboard packaging to transfer them. The cardboard used in packaging is designed to be extremely strong and rigid and optimally protects the items inside the box.
  • Sending DVD and CDs: There is a wide range of packaging option available for shipping CD, DVD’s. The packaging of CDs and DVDs is designed in a way that CDs can easily slip through them. The packaging protects the CD from scratches, scuffs and external damages.

For the finest Packaging Solutions you can contact Atlas Box & Crating Co., Inc. The company offers a comprehensive array of Packaging Solution including Wooden Crates, Skids, Pallets, Cardboard Boxes and many more.


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