All About Die Cut and Custom Packaging Boxes

Lot of companies make use of Custom Packaging and Die Cut Boxes to get their products shipped safely to different locations. These boxes are known for their strength, durability and can be customized to suit any kind of product. Be it shopping, eating, gifting, storing, etc., these custom packaging boxes and Die Cuts can be used in all spheres of our daily life wherever shipping of products is required.

Die Cut Boxes
Die Cut Boxes are typically used for parcel and sending mails. These boxes require the use of a cutting die and are extremely durable and useful for packing a lot of different products including clothes, shoes, electronics, etc. Depending on the size, weight and dimension of the product, they can be cut and manufactured accordingly.

Die cut boxes are a great way to promote any product. Whether we talk about a self-locking lid or not, die cut boxes serve the purpose of a protective shield. They can be folded for reuse and are considered as the best packaging material for sending parcels and mails that contain electronic goods, crockery and other fragile items.

There are a number of businesses and places where die cut boxes can be effectively used. In addition to this, it would not be wrong to say that printed Die Cut Boxes not only look visually appealing but can easily and effectively convey the message to the masses. For example: Die Cut Boxes contain all the important information and features regarding the product.

In addition to this, these boxes are ideal for promotional purposes and can be used to lure potential customers. The best thing about these boxes is that they can be opened and closed easily while keeping the packaging intact.

Custom Packaging Boxes
When it comes to packaging and storing, Custom Packaging Boxes are extremely useful. For packaging manufacturers, meeting the client’s specific requirements is the main goal.

Types Of Packaging Boxes

  • Regular Slotted: This is among the most common type of Custom Packaging Boxes. In a regular slotted box all the flaps are of equal length, these boxes are used for shipping small items like coffee mugs, show pieces etc.
  • Half Slotted: These boxes are similar to regular slotted boxes. The half slotted box has just one set of flaps that allow product to slide into the box. These kinds of boxes are extremely useful for heavier items like washing machine, computer, refrigerator etc.
  • Overlapping Lids: These boxes have two top flap that overlap each other creating a strong bond. These flaps are of equal length and breadth.

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