Packaging Material – The Right Choice Is The Key To Success

Packaging plays a very important role in the context of a product. Apart from maintaining the quality of the product, Packaging imparts individual identity to it. Both these factors – the product quality and the product identity are crucial for an entrepreneur to expand the business to desired levels. After all, it is only the quality that can compel a customer to continue buying the buying the product and a happy customer is always likely to become a source of positive publicity. Besides, the better the identity of a product the higher are the chances of more and more people buying it. On the whole, Packaging is of paramount importance and the carefully selected Packaging Material is the key to success.

Selection Of Right Packaging Material:
Well, the selection of Packaging Material is majorly done depending on the kinds of products that are to be packaged. For instance, Food Packaging Materials must be non-toxic. They should be selected after determining the kind of food, moisture content, storage conditions, expected shelf life, flavor/aroma and appearance. Similarly, the Pharmaceutical Packaging Materials such as containers, container liners, closures, closure liners, container inner seals, etc. are selected on varied parameters that include determining the thermal expansion properties of Glass Pharmaceutical Packaging Material; extent to which the product is required to be protected from moisture, light & gas infiltration.

Packaging Materials: The Different Types
As mentioned before, depending on the kinds of products that have to be packaged different types of Packaging Materials can be used. Below-mentioned are some of the commonly used Industrial Packaging Materials:

  • Crate: It is one of the most commonly used Packaging Materials. Crate is usually made from materials such as plastic, wood, etc. and it comes in a variety of styles such as open style, sheathed style, etc.
  • Box: Just like the crate, Box too is commonly used for the packaging of goods. Different kinds of materials used for making Box are corrugated fiberboard, plastic, wood, paperboard, etc. Amongst these, the boxes made from corrugated fiberboard are known as Corrugated Boxes.
  • Tray: Tray, which comes with a layer of shrink-wrap, provides structural integrity to the product.
  • Pouch: Generally made from plastic, Pouch is used for packaging a variety of products such as shampoo, medicines, small electronic devices, food products, etc.

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