Types Of Packaging Materials

Packaging is vital for maintaining the quality of the product. Packaging has gained momentum in recent times due to the requirements for storing and transporting products safely. There are various types of Packaging Solutions, catering to the needs of diverse industries. The selection of Packaging Solution depends upon the type of product that has to be packed. At present, there are various Packaging Solutions that are used for not only protecting the packaged item, but also marketing it effectively. Before opting for a packaging material, it is best to analyze the product- its weight, value, storage environment, etc.

Types Of Packaging Materials
Innovation in the field of technology has given rise to new Packaging Materials. Some of the popular Packaging Materials are as follows:-

  • Foam Packaging: Among widely used Packaging Materials, Foam Packaging offers various benefits such as high shock absorbing capacity, chemically inert, and many more.
  • Wood: Being a versatile Packaging Material, Wood is used in different industries. Due to high re-usability and sturdy make, Wood is the preferred packaging material.
  • Bubble Wrap: Bubble Wrap Packaging Material is widely used in packaging of different kinds of products such as furniture, electronic components, among others.
  •  Corrugated: Termed as the most cost-effective Packaging Materials, Corrugated Boxes are fast replacing traditional packaging materials.

Industrial Significance:
Importance of Packaging is apparent since it is used in diverse industries. Nowadays, no commercial product (raw, intermediate or finished) can be safely stored as well as transported without properly packing it. Some of the industries in which packaging is used are as follows:-

  • Cosmetics
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food & Beverage
  • Chemicals

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