Wooden Crates & Boxes – Ideal Packaging Solutions

Packaging has always been a business as well as a personal need. Without proper Packaging Solutions, it would have been a nightmare to transport goods from one place to another, locally as well as internationally. As far as a business is concerned, Professional packaging is the best option to maintain product safety en-route. It also ensures hygiene and makes it easy to identify the products stored within because it is a well-organised system. Wooden Crates and Boxes guarantee safety because once fully packaged they are not easy to open.

Wooden Crates and Boxes
Wooden Crates and boxes are an ideal packaging for precious and heavy articles or a collection of products. Special features of Wooden Crates are:

  • Wooden Crates and Boxes are reusable, which is why they are considered an environment friendly.
  • Another advantage of using Wooden Crates and Boxes is that they have high impact & shock resistance.
  • Wooden Crates And Boxes protect the content inside from moisture and pests.
  • Such Crates And Boxes made from wood allow flexible folding.
  • Wooden Crates And Boxes have high strength which allows them to hold considerable weights.
  • It is easy to move & transport the Wooden Crates And Boxes from one place to another.

Wooden Crates are also available with foam padding which increases their efficiency. They help to keep the products intact if any unforeseen event occurs. Their availability in different shapes and sizes make them an easy and perfect choice for shipping and storing products. Wooden Crates are long lasting. The woods used for making crates are generally minimally processed that saves energy. Wooden Boxes are also used for shipping purposes. Customised designs make them appropriate for every unique packaging need.

Atlas Box & Crating Co., Inc. is a leading UK based Manufacturer and Supplier of unique packaging solutions. Their industry expertise and craftsmanship of high-level have made them a sought after name worldwide. They have a wide variety of Packaging Products such as foam mouldings, wooden crates, and cardboard boxes. Bamboo, fibre and airpaq are other three alternate packaging solutions that the company offers.


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