Different Types Of Packaging Solutions

Packaging is an essential need for both transportation and storage of materials. It ensures the protection of concerned items. In addition, advanced Packaging Solutions also take care of the hygiene factor. As it is an organised system, it makes it easy to locate any particular product or item. Unique packaging solutions are available in the market for every need.

Types Of Packaging Solutions Available In The UK

  • Wood- The Wooden Crates meant for packaging are mostly reusable. They have good shock resistivity. They protect the content inside from both pest and moisture.
  • Foam- Foam Packaging is a great solution for transporting breakable items. It cradles the product in a safe way and the foam can be moulded and assembled as per the specific requirement of any client.
  • Cardboard -These Cardboard Boxes are the most common packaging solutions. Used for shipping, shifting, transporting and storage, these boxes are available in different shapes and sizes.

Alternative Packaging Solutions In The UK

  • Bamboo- It is eco-friendly and its easy availability makes it a highly demanded product to reduce non-biodegradable wastes.
  • Inflated Air Cushions- Inflatable Air Cushions are efficient Packaging Solutions which can be inflated & deflated as per need. They provide ample cushioning to the content stored within & are being increasingly used nowadays.
  • Fibre- Fibre Packaging is replacing the wood because it is lightweight and 100% recyclable.

Atlas Box & Crating Co., Inc., based in the UK is among the leading Manufacturers and Suppliers of different packaging solutions. The company has wide ranging industry expertise and serves the client with high-level craftsmanship. The company also stresses on consistent quality and continuous improvement. Their products range from wooden crates, cardboard boxes, and foam mouldings to bamboo, airpaq and fibre packaging. Their product and service rates are reasonable.


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