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5 Reasons For Choosing Foam Packaging Solutions Over Other Types

If you are engaged in the glassware business, and want to parcel a huge consignment, you would need an excellent packaging solution for the same; what can be better than Foam Packaging for this. Apart from being an aesthetically pleasing option, it also safeguards your valuables from any kind of physical damage. Several other reasons that trigger the need for choosing Foam Packaging Solution are listed below:-

  • Foam Packaging is environment friendly. After use, it can be given back to the trader for reuse. This packaging can be disposed off easily without causing any negative effect on the ecosystem. There is zero emission of pollutant at any stage of the manufacturing process. Hence, it is considered better than other packaging options.
  • Foam Packaging is simple & convenient. The overall process is quite simple and driven by few simple techniques. Foam Packaging can be easily undertaken by even the most unskilled of workers.
  • Foam Packaging is considered as the most versatile packaging option. You can conveniently pack up materials of different size, shape or weight. This type of packaging can suit all your varied requirements. The molds are designed to hold different products easily. Foam Packaging is considered ideal for most kind of goods.
  • Foam Packaging is quite cost effective. As it can be recycled and reused, the relative cost of production and maintenance is low. It is quite light, so the cost of transportation is even lesser. If you are seeking for a cost effective packaging solution which offers the best protection to your goods, then Foam Packaging solution will be an excellent choice.
  • Excellent cushioning is one of the most important factors. Foam Packaging provides perfect protection to fragile and delicate items. So if you want to transport delicate items like glass, jewelry, etc. – Foam Packaging is just perfect.

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Packaging Solutions: Keeping Transportable Goods in One Piece

Packaging has been one of the major concerns for the dealers since decades. Packaging is rightly called as a blend of aesthetics and technique. It is the art of preparing goods for transport, logistics, ware housing and end usage. Nowadays, there are a lot of packaging solutions in order to keep your valuables goods in one piece. Some of them are listed below:-

Wood Packaging Solution
Wood Packaging which includes Wooden Crates & boxes are re-usable. This packaging saves a lot of money. Wood Packaging is sturdy and robust which efficiently safeguards the goods stored inside. You can always use Wood Packaging Solution for transporting heavy duty goods from one place to another. The barrier also protects the packaged material against humidity and pest attack during the transit.

Foam Packaging Solution
This type of packaging is ideal to transport delicate stuff like glass from one place to other. Foam Packaging is considered as one of the most versatile packaging option. It is a cost effective solution to transport fragile items to different places. Foam Packaging is known as the most light- weight option.

Corrugated Boxes
Corrugated Boxes are considered the turnkey solution to different packaging problems. Availability of these boxes in different sizes and shapes has made them the as the most popular packaging option.

Fiber Packaging
This type of packaging is also a preferred packaging option. Fiber can be 100% recycled. The cost of transportation of fiber packaged material is quite less. It has emerged as an apt replacement for Wooden Packaging.

Bamboo Packaging
Bamboo packaging is also popular nowadays. Bamboo packaging is 100 % environment friendly. It can be used to package any type of good.  This type of packaging is a cost –effective solution to all your packaging requirements.

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Types Of Packaging Materials

Packaging is vital for maintaining the quality of the product. Packaging has gained momentum in recent times due to the requirements for storing and transporting products safely. There are various types of Packaging Solutions, catering to the needs of diverse industries. The selection of Packaging Solution depends upon the type of product that has to be packed. At present, there are various Packaging Solutions that are used for not only protecting the packaged item, but also marketing it effectively. Before opting for a packaging material, it is best to analyze the product- its weight, value, storage environment, etc.

Types Of Packaging Materials
Innovation in the field of technology has given rise to new Packaging Materials. Some of the popular Packaging Materials are as follows:-

  • Foam Packaging: Among widely used Packaging Materials, Foam Packaging offers various benefits such as high shock absorbing capacity, chemically inert, and many more.
  • Wood: Being a versatile Packaging Material, Wood is used in different industries. Due to high re-usability and sturdy make, Wood is the preferred packaging material.
  • Bubble Wrap: Bubble Wrap Packaging Material is widely used in packaging of different kinds of products such as furniture, electronic components, among others.
  •  Corrugated: Termed as the most cost-effective Packaging Materials, Corrugated Boxes are fast replacing traditional packaging materials.

Industrial Significance:
Importance of Packaging is apparent since it is used in diverse industries. Nowadays, no commercial product (raw, intermediate or finished) can be safely stored as well as transported without properly packing it. Some of the industries in which packaging is used are as follows:-

  • Cosmetics
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food & Beverage
  • Chemicals

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Benefits Of Packaging Solutions

Competitiveness pervades every level or corner in today’s commercial world, making survival of the fittest and the fastest the universal rule in the business world too. A company needs to be fit in terms of its financial health and fast when it comes to timely delivery of its offerings. But in order to be quick, the company often compromises on storage and safety of the products. For ensuring proper safety of the products while in storage and transportation, packaging is significant. Nowadays, packaging not only means product protection: its scope has expanded. Presently, packaging also relates to product promotion. The use of Packaging is found in diverse industries. Whether they are finished or intermediate products, whenever the question to transport them arises, the need for proper packaging is immediately felt; which is where the role of excellent packaging materials comes in.

Packaging Solutions: An Overview
The Packaging industry has witnessed a deep-seated change that has brought forth by innovations in designs of the Packaging Solutions. Whether it is a luxurious hand-made packaging box or any high-end packaging requirement, everything comes under the broad category of Packaging. The significance of Packaging is evident since it is used in various industries such as Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Food & Beverages, Chemical, and many others. The type of packaging material to be used depends upon the type of product that needs to be packed.

Benefits Of Packaging Solutions

  • Protection: This is the primary benefit of packaging a product. If products are properly packed, then it prevents damage while they are transported and/or stored.
  • Information: Packaging provides information about the product such as the promotional and factual.
  • Marketing: Packaging helps in proper marketing of the products. By mixing designing, communication, packing concepts and marketing principles, the packaging of a product can be used for effective promotion.
  • Security: Lastly, packaging also ensures that no tampering can take place with the product, thus reducing theft & pilferage.

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Wooden Crates & Boxes – Ideal Packaging Solutions

Packaging has always been a business as well as a personal need. Without proper Packaging Solutions, it would have been a nightmare to transport goods from one place to another, locally as well as internationally. As far as a business is concerned, Professional packaging is the best option to maintain product safety en-route. It also ensures hygiene and makes it easy to identify the products stored within because it is a well-organised system. Wooden Crates and Boxes guarantee safety because once fully packaged they are not easy to open.

Wooden Crates and Boxes
Wooden Crates and boxes are an ideal packaging for precious and heavy articles or a collection of products. Special features of Wooden Crates are:

  • Wooden Crates and Boxes are reusable, which is why they are considered an environment friendly.
  • Another advantage of using Wooden Crates and Boxes is that they have high impact & shock resistance.
  • Wooden Crates And Boxes protect the content inside from moisture and pests.
  • Such Crates And Boxes made from wood allow flexible folding.
  • Wooden Crates And Boxes have high strength which allows them to hold considerable weights.
  • It is easy to move & transport the Wooden Crates And Boxes from one place to another.

Wooden Crates are also available with foam padding which increases their efficiency. They help to keep the products intact if any unforeseen event occurs. Their availability in different shapes and sizes make them an easy and perfect choice for shipping and storing products. Wooden Crates are long lasting. The woods used for making crates are generally minimally processed that saves energy. Wooden Boxes are also used for shipping purposes. Customised designs make them appropriate for every unique packaging need.

Atlas Box & Crating Co., Inc. is a leading UK based Manufacturer and Supplier of unique packaging solutions. Their industry expertise and craftsmanship of high-level have made them a sought after name worldwide. They have a wide variety of Packaging Products such as foam mouldings, wooden crates, and cardboard boxes. Bamboo, fibre and airpaq are other three alternate packaging solutions that the company offers.

Different Types Of Packaging Solutions

Packaging is an essential need for both transportation and storage of materials. It ensures the protection of concerned items. In addition, advanced Packaging Solutions also take care of the hygiene factor. As it is an organised system, it makes it easy to locate any particular product or item. Unique packaging solutions are available in the market for every need.

Types Of Packaging Solutions Available In The UK

  • Wood- The Wooden Crates meant for packaging are mostly reusable. They have good shock resistivity. They protect the content inside from both pest and moisture.
  • Foam- Foam Packaging is a great solution for transporting breakable items. It cradles the product in a safe way and the foam can be moulded and assembled as per the specific requirement of any client.
  • Cardboard -These Cardboard Boxes are the most common packaging solutions. Used for shipping, shifting, transporting and storage, these boxes are available in different shapes and sizes.

Alternative Packaging Solutions In The UK

  • Bamboo- It is eco-friendly and its easy availability makes it a highly demanded product to reduce non-biodegradable wastes.
  • Inflated Air Cushions- Inflatable Air Cushions are efficient Packaging Solutions which can be inflated & deflated as per need. They provide ample cushioning to the content stored within & are being increasingly used nowadays.
  • Fibre- Fibre Packaging is replacing the wood because it is lightweight and 100% recyclable.

Atlas Box & Crating Co., Inc., based in the UK is among the leading Manufacturers and Suppliers of different packaging solutions. The company has wide ranging industry expertise and serves the client with high-level craftsmanship. The company also stresses on consistent quality and continuous improvement. Their products range from wooden crates, cardboard boxes, and foam mouldings to bamboo, airpaq and fibre packaging. Their product and service rates are reasonable.