Corrugated Boxes – Best For Diverse Packaging Needs

The packaging industry has boomed with the coming of revolutionary packaging materials in the market. The latest available goods for packaging are made using materials that were never used before, and have multiplied the benefits of packaging goods on an industrial level. The materials being referred to, in this piece, particularly are Corrugated Boxes. Corrugated Boxes are named so owing to the corrugated or ridged surface of the material used to manufacture them.

Corrugated Boxes are used for the packaging of different kinds of goods. The best part about a Corrugated Box is that it can efficiently handle the safety of both fragile and non-fragile goods. There are several types of Corrugated Boxes available in the market today. The major difference between the various types is owing to their applications and packaging styles.

Types Of Corrugated Boxes:
On the basis of the style of use, Corrugated Boxes can be classified into:

  • Full Overlap (FOL), where the minor flaps do not close, and the major ones are taped. In this type of Corrugated Box, the minor flaps will not close and the major flaps have to be taped.
  • Half Slotted Container (HSC), which comes with a single set of flaps.
  • One Piece Flap (OPF), which can be used for mailing books and similar material, and is extremely shallow.
  • 5 Panel Folder (5PF) has overlapping flaps and is used for the shipping of items that have considerable length.

On the basis of packaging strength, Corrugated Boxes can be used for the packaging of fragile and tough materials separately. These boxes are very easily customized and can be availed in desired variations in terms of inner strength, style, color, inner dimensions, etc. Corrugated Boxes are also provided by some makers in vibrant colors and attractive patterns so that they can be efficiently used for packaging gift materials.

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