Reasons Why Foam Packaging Is Better Than Other Packaging

Packaging a product is a means of keeping the product safe from any kind of damage, scratch or dent. Not only does it protect the item but is also the medium for promotion. In the shipment of fragile items safety is always the prime concern and Foam Packaging can be the best solution to it. Foam Packaging is attributed with characteristics that make it suitable for packaging a wide range of items. There are various reasons why Foam Packaging is better than the other alternatives.

  • Foam Packaging is light-weight therefore loading and unloading the packaged items doesn’t require too much of labor. This attribute of Foam Packaging also brings down the shipment costs.
  • The chemical inertness of Foam Packaging to various chemicals makes it suitable for packaging and securing medicines and other such items. Foam Packaging won’t tarnish or corrode the item.
  • High coefficient of friction of Foam Packaging ensures complete protection against shifting and vibration during handling of packaged items.
  • Foam Packaging provides excellent cushioning to the packaged items.
  • Foam Packaging readily accepts promotional tags, labels and tapes. As such, packaged items can be secured with additional taping and at the same time promotional purpose is also served.
  • Foam Packaging is highly flexible and thus can easily be used for packaging items of any shape and form.
  • Owing to its outstanding breathability, Foam Packaging allows the vapor or moisture content to release thus prevent condensation and any damage due to wetting.
  • Foam Packaging has a high melting point and thus performs equally well at elevated temperatures.
  • Foam Packaging is a cost-effective Packaging Solution.


Owing to the above mentioned properties, Foam Packaging is ideally suited to serve a number of market segments. Automotive parts, pharmaceuticals, fixtures, glass & collectibles and many more items can be safely packaged with Foam Packaging. Atlas Box & Crating Co., Inc. offers a wide range of Packaging Solutions.  The company is one the leading Poly Bags Manufacturers in USA. The offerings of the company include Wooden Skits, Crates & Pallets, Foam Packaging, Corrugated Boxes and other Custom Packaging Boxes. The Packaging Solutions offered by the company are very reasonably priced. Quality of the products is just impeccable. For more information regarding the company and its offerings, you can log on ton


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