Cardboard Carton Manufacturing

Ever since their origin in the sixteenth century, Cardboard Carton Boxes have fast made inroads as a useful Packaging Solution in several industries. They are attributed with properties that make them ideal for shipping, packaging and warehousing. Light weight, high strength to weight ratio, high degree of cushioning to the enclosed items, etc. are some of the aspects that make Cardboard Carton very popular for packaging. The following section throws light on the manufacturing process of Cardboard Cartons.

Cardboard Carton: Manufacturing Process
First of all, cardboard sheets are manufactured and then cut and assembled to form Cardboard Cartons. Cardboard sheets comprise of different layers that are produced on different machines. The steps involved in manufacturing cardboard are as follows:

  • Pulping- This stage involves the mixing of waste paper with hot water so as form a pulpy mass.
  • Sieving- Pulpy mass is then filtered to segregate the impurities.
  • Pressing- This process ensures that half of the water content of the pulp is removed.
  • Drying- During this stage, the remaining water content is evaporated so that the pulp gets completely dried.
  • Laminating- This stage involves the lamination of the dried pulp.
  • Cutting- The laminated pieces are then cut as per the dimensional specifications.
  • Final Processing- In the final processing stage, proper finishing of the cardboard is ensured.

Following these stages, the cardboard sheets are ready to be assembled in the form of cartons. Nowadays, Cardboard Cartons are manufactured by means of several automated machines that cut, glue and assemble the sheets together. The automation of the process speeds up the production.

Cardboard Cartons are used for packaging of gifts, garments, food items, cargo and various other items. With the ever increasing demand of Cardboard Cartons, the manufactures are coming up with new techniques for better Packaging Solutions. Customized Carton Boxes are also available in the market. Atlas Box & Crating Co. Inc. offers quality Packaging Solutions and a host of services. The offerings of the company include Wooden Crates, Skids & Pallets, Foam Packaging Boxes, Corrugated Boxes and other Custom Packaging Boxes. The name of the company figures among the topmost Poly Bags Manufacturers in USA. The company offers all its products at very reasonable prices. For more information regarding the company and the products/services, offered by it, you can log on to


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