Different Types Of Foam Packaging

Foam Packaging is one of the most commonly used Packaging Types. Foam Packaging provides good protection to the goods. This type of Packaging can be done in different forms for diverse products. Foam Packaging acts as a cushion and protects the products from breaking, deforming and several other damages. Foam Packaging  also acts as an insulator and protects the goods from climatic damages. The different types of Foam Packaging can be explained as:

Sheets And Rolls Foam Packaging:
Average foam is formed in sheets or on a roll. It acts as protective cushion between the box and the product. The thickness of the foam that can be formed on a roll is usually up to 0.12 inches; however, the foam that is added on sheet is thicker. Depending on the good to be packaged, the foam can be cut in required sizes and shapes.

Custom Foam Packaging:
Foam Packaging is usually customized for electronics, which require high protection. Special machines are used to cut the foam so that the electronic goods fit entirely and perfectly into it. As well, the foam densities can be different. Foam Packaging that has high density ensures high protection, although costs quite much. To make the Foam Packaging electrostatic and anti-static, different types of additives are used.

Instant Foam Packaging:
Instant Foam Packaging is useful for the products that have irregular shapes. Instant foam is one of the modern packaging types formed by mixing two chemicals. The chemicals are placed together a few minutes before the foam is to be used. The moment these chemicals get in contact, the foam enlarges, solidifies quite swiftly and gets into the shape of the item which has to be packaged.

Foam Packaging In The Form Of Bags:
Foam Packaging in the form of bags is mainly done for electronic appliances. Polyethylene foam is first cut and then sealed to fabricate bags. These foam bags are generally laminated with high density polyethylene film for proper support and protection. This lamination sheet has to be applied before cutting and sealing the bags.

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