Protect Your Valuables With Packaging Material

Wondering, how you can protect your valuables with the right kind of Packaging Material? Well, we are here to help you out of the misery. As you must have known by now that the right Packaging Material can make all the difference between the successful shipping of a fragile item and having it delivered in pieces. Before choosing a Packaging Material, you must have a fair idea and plan in your mind about the physical attributes of the item being packed, its weight, the value of the item and whether the package will have to face moisture or other adverse conditions. If you are not sure of the required protection level, then the wise thing to do is to go with the stronger Packaging Material. Some of the common Packaging Materials are discussed below:

This has to be the most frequently used Packaging Material in the market owing to its low cost and lightweight. Another aspect that works in its favor is the availability of a variety of sizes and shapes that helps in convenient packaging.

Cardboard Boxes are very popular in Packaging industry and have been increasingly used for diverse packaging needs. These Boxes are cheaper to manufacture and easier to handle in comparison to traditional crates. Nowadays, corrugated fiberboards are used for adding strength and stability to the packaging structure with their sturdy nature.

Bubble Wrap
If you want to protect your fragile items during shipment, the most suitable form of packaging is the Bubble Wrap. No significant weight or cost additions occur on using Bubble Wraps.

Shrink Wrap
Shrink Wrap is usually used for tamper proof packaging such as CDs or DVDs. Heat is applied to shrink wrap for providing complete protection against moisture and dust.

Atlas Box & Crating Co. is a reliable Packaging Solutions provider with excellent manufacturing capabilities that includes renowned craftsmanship and engineering prowess. The range of Packaging Materials such as Wood, Foam, Corrugated and Alternative Materials offered by the company is well appreciated and is extensively used by leading manufacturers and suppliers in the industry. For more information, you should log on to


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