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Cardboard Packaging Boxes- Best For Shipping Products

Cardboard Packaging Boxes are the best when it comes to transferring goods and items from one place to another. Most companies rely upon Cardboard Packaging Boxes for Shipping Products, owing to their strength. Cardboard Packaging Boxes are considered the best for shipment purposes, as they have numerous advantages.  Also, the Cardboard Packaging Boxes can be customized according to the size of the products that need to be transported.

Cardboard Boxes: A Great Packaging Option
Cardboard Boxes are in great demand for packaging and storage purposes. If you are an exporter and need to sell your products overseas & are looking for a good packaging option, then Cardboard Boxes can serve your purpose in the best manner.  The Cardboard Packaging Boxes protect the goods that are being shipped. Also, Cardboard Packaging Boxes are inexpensive and can be customized as well.

Cardboard Boxes: For Shipping Fragile Items
Cardboard Packaging Boxes are very helpful in shipment of fragile items, like computers, glass, televisions, delicate pieces of furniture, and much more. Cardboard Packaging Boxes are provided with multiple pieces of cardboard that are placed on each other. This provides cushioning to the items & prevents them from getting damaged en-route.

Cardboard Boxes: An Inexpensive Way Of Shipping Goods
Made with recycled materials, the Cardboard Packaging Boxes are very cheap and don’t cost much especially if you buy them wholesale. The Cardboard Packaging Boxes are light also that results in saving a lot of shipping costs. s

Cardboard Boxes:  Other Benefits
Other benefits of Cardboard Packaging Boxes include easy sealing, flexibility, customization, recyclable, easily printable, and many more.

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Cardboard Carton Manufacturing

Ever since their origin in the sixteenth century, Cardboard Carton Boxes have fast made inroads as a useful Packaging Solution in several industries. They are attributed with properties that make them ideal for shipping, packaging and warehousing. Light weight, high strength to weight ratio, high degree of cushioning to the enclosed items, etc. are some of the aspects that make Cardboard Carton very popular for packaging. The following section throws light on the manufacturing process of Cardboard Cartons.

Cardboard Carton: Manufacturing Process
First of all, cardboard sheets are manufactured and then cut and assembled to form Cardboard Cartons. Cardboard sheets comprise of different layers that are produced on different machines. The steps involved in manufacturing cardboard are as follows:

  • Pulping- This stage involves the mixing of waste paper with hot water so as form a pulpy mass.
  • Sieving- Pulpy mass is then filtered to segregate the impurities.
  • Pressing- This process ensures that half of the water content of the pulp is removed.
  • Drying- During this stage, the remaining water content is evaporated so that the pulp gets completely dried.
  • Laminating- This stage involves the lamination of the dried pulp.
  • Cutting- The laminated pieces are then cut as per the dimensional specifications.
  • Final Processing- In the final processing stage, proper finishing of the cardboard is ensured.

Following these stages, the cardboard sheets are ready to be assembled in the form of cartons. Nowadays, Cardboard Cartons are manufactured by means of several automated machines that cut, glue and assemble the sheets together. The automation of the process speeds up the production.

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Corrugated Cardboard Boxes: An Overview

From pizzas to computers, what not is shipped in Corrugated Cardboard Boxes! There are a number of factors that make these boxes ideal for packaging and shipping. Prior to discussing them in detail let’s have a brief acquaintance with the structure of Corrugated Cardboard Boxes. Corrugated Cardboard comprises of wavy layer of flute, termed as corrugated medium. The flute is glued to flat sheets called liners. The more the number of layers, the greater will be the strength of the Corrugated Cardboard Box.

How Are Corrugated Cardboard Boxes Made?
Manufacturing of Corrugated Cardboard Boxes starts with preheating and steaming the corrugated medium at elevated temperatures. The process softens the paperboard enabling to form it into flutes. With the help of a machine, the paperboard is then given the shape of a series of waves. Adhesive is then applied on these flutes so as to stick it onto the liner. The corrugated cardboard sheets are then cut into specific sizes and assembled to form the Corrugated Cardboard Boxes.

Classification Of Corrugated Cardboard Boxes
Depending on the number of layers of corrugated media, Corrugated Cardboard Boxes can be classified into following categories:

  • Single Wall Corrugated Box- When there is only one layer of corrugating medium into between the two liners, the box is called Single Wall Corrugated Box.
  • Double Wall Corrugated Box- There are two layers of corrugated media glued between three sheets of flat liners.
  • Triple Wall Corrugated Box- There are three layers of corrugated media between four sheets of flat liners.

Advantages Of Corrugated Cardboard Boxes:

  • Light weight thus easy to handle while loading and unloading.
  • High strength to weight ratio imparts high load bearing capacity.
  • Can be stacked in layers thus allowing optimum use of available space.
  • High level of cushioning due to corrugated media ensures safety of items being shipped.
  • Can be reused and last long if handled properly.
  • Cost-effective.

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Different Types Of Foam Packaging

Foam Packaging is one of the most commonly used Packaging Types. Foam Packaging provides good protection to the goods. This type of Packaging can be done in different forms for diverse products. Foam Packaging acts as a cushion and protects the products from breaking, deforming and several other damages. Foam Packaging  also acts as an insulator and protects the goods from climatic damages. The different types of Foam Packaging can be explained as:

Sheets And Rolls Foam Packaging:
Average foam is formed in sheets or on a roll. It acts as protective cushion between the box and the product. The thickness of the foam that can be formed on a roll is usually up to 0.12 inches; however, the foam that is added on sheet is thicker. Depending on the good to be packaged, the foam can be cut in required sizes and shapes.

Custom Foam Packaging:
Foam Packaging is usually customized for electronics, which require high protection. Special machines are used to cut the foam so that the electronic goods fit entirely and perfectly into it. As well, the foam densities can be different. Foam Packaging that has high density ensures high protection, although costs quite much. To make the Foam Packaging electrostatic and anti-static, different types of additives are used.

Instant Foam Packaging:
Instant Foam Packaging is useful for the products that have irregular shapes. Instant foam is one of the modern packaging types formed by mixing two chemicals. The chemicals are placed together a few minutes before the foam is to be used. The moment these chemicals get in contact, the foam enlarges, solidifies quite swiftly and gets into the shape of the item which has to be packaged.

Foam Packaging In The Form Of Bags:
Foam Packaging in the form of bags is mainly done for electronic appliances. Polyethylene foam is first cut and then sealed to fabricate bags. These foam bags are generally laminated with high density polyethylene film for proper support and protection. This lamination sheet has to be applied before cutting and sealing the bags.

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The Reasons Why You Should Have Foam Packaging

Packaging is one of those significant aspects which can’t be overlooked by any businessman and if ignored, then problems are bound to crop up. Packaging is simply important for the protection of the goods first and then come other crucial aspects such as promotion, branding, etc., which can be accomplished only with the help of good and smart packaging. Depending on the kind of goods, different types of Packaging Materials can be used. However, as far as complete protection is concerned, Foam Packaging appears as the best option, and no wonder outweighs several other types of Packaging. Read on to know some of the major reasons why Foam Packaging is good and why you should go for it!

Foam Packaging is the best way of assuring the safety of goods irrespective of their types and sizes. As it protects the goods from getting broken or knocked, it won’t be an exaggeration to term Foam Packaging as protective packaging. Foam Packaging is especially good for delicate products. You can get Foam Packaging on rolls and in sheets too for the specialized packaging requirement.

Why Choose Foam Packaging?

  • Foam Packaging is shock resistant and protects goods from the sudden jerks and shocks during shipping.
  • Foam Packaging is water and moisture resistant and thus, provides complete protection to the goods.
  • Foam Packaging is strong enough to not to get affected from the probable scratches during the transportation of goods. Thus, you can always save yourself from the worry of potential damage to the products if they are surrounded by Foam Packaging.
  • Light in weight, Foam Packaging saves you from the additional cost on the overall freight weight. But lightweight does not mean that the Foam Packaging can’t be used for heavy-duty products. In fact, it is because of its strength that the Foam Packaging can be used for a variety of electronic goods.
  • The versatile Foam Packaging can be used for goods of diverse sizes, shapes and types. Besides, you can always buy different Foam Packaging types.

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Protect Your Valuables With Packaging Material

Wondering, how you can protect your valuables with the right kind of Packaging Material? Well, we are here to help you out of the misery. As you must have known by now that the right Packaging Material can make all the difference between the successful shipping of a fragile item and having it delivered in pieces. Before choosing a Packaging Material, you must have a fair idea and plan in your mind about the physical attributes of the item being packed, its weight, the value of the item and whether the package will have to face moisture or other adverse conditions. If you are not sure of the required protection level, then the wise thing to do is to go with the stronger Packaging Material. Some of the common Packaging Materials are discussed below:

This has to be the most frequently used Packaging Material in the market owing to its low cost and lightweight. Another aspect that works in its favor is the availability of a variety of sizes and shapes that helps in convenient packaging.

Cardboard Boxes are very popular in Packaging industry and have been increasingly used for diverse packaging needs. These Boxes are cheaper to manufacture and easier to handle in comparison to traditional crates. Nowadays, corrugated fiberboards are used for adding strength and stability to the packaging structure with their sturdy nature.

Bubble Wrap
If you want to protect your fragile items during shipment, the most suitable form of packaging is the Bubble Wrap. No significant weight or cost additions occur on using Bubble Wraps.

Shrink Wrap
Shrink Wrap is usually used for tamper proof packaging such as CDs or DVDs. Heat is applied to shrink wrap for providing complete protection against moisture and dust.

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