Foam Packaging: An Overview

Foam Packaging is the best solution for warehousing and shipping of fragile items. It is not only about safe handling but there are a number of reasons why Foam Packaging Solutions get preference over other Packaging Solutions. Some of them are listed below:

  •  Best Cushioning: Foam Packaging offers best cushioning to fragile items. Foam can be used to prevent the relative movement of the packed items thus preventing scratches. Foam Packaging also offers excellent safety against physical impacts including vibrations, shocks, jerks, etc.
  • Light Weight: Foam Packaging is extremely light in weight. This particular attribute makes the handling of the packaged material extremely easy reducing the chances of damage due mishaps.
  • Variety: Foam Packaging material is available in varying thicknesses, densities and models. As such, it can be used for packaging a diverse range of items.
  • Moisture Resistance: Foam Packaging material is essentially a polymer. Different types of polymers can be used for making Foam Packaging and most of these polymers exhibit resistance to moisture.
  • Cost Effecetive: Despite the above mentioned advantages, Foam Packaging Solutions are available at very reasonable rates. When compared to other packaging options such as wooden cartons, plastic pallets, etc.  Foam Packaging is really very cost effective.

For best Packaging Solutions, you can contact Atlas Box & Crating Co., Inc. The company offers a wide range of Packaging Solutions including Foam Packaging Boxes, Wooden Skids, Crates & Pallets, Corrugated Boxes and other Custom Packaging Boxes. The company is a distinguished Poly Bags Manufacturer In USA. Besides, the company also offers a number of servicers that include logistics services, value added services, etc.  For more details regarding the company and the Packaging Solutions, offered by it, you can log on to


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