When To Use Wooden Packing Crates Instead Of Cardboard Boxes

There is a diverse range of Packaging Boxes available in the market. The various Packaging Solutions have their own strengths and weaknesses. Choice of a particular type of packaging is determined by the type of the item to be packaged and transported. For example, both Wooden Packing Crates and the Cardboard Boxes are used for packaging but which one to be used when depends on various factors and requirements. Wooden Packing Crates get preference over Cardboard Boxes on the following grounds:

Why Wooden Packing Crates?

  • Can Endure High Mechanical Stress: When compared to Cardboard Boxes, Wooden Packing Crates are much stronger. While packing, during storage and transportation, goods are generally subject to high mechanical stress. Cardboard Boxes will not be a suitable option for transportation of delicate objects over long distance. It is then better to go for Wooden Packing Crates.
  •   Better Suited For Heavy Goods: Wooden Packing Crates are designed for better weight distribution and because of their high strength, they can be used for packaging various heavy goods. The same is not the case with Cardboard Boxes. Cardboard Boxes may get damaged or lose shape when used for packaging material over certain weight limit.
  • Can Withstand Wear And Tear: Wooden Packing Crates are not affected by rough usage. The chances of breaking or getting damaged are relatively much less as compared to that of Cardboard Boxes.
  • Can Be Stacked: Bulk transportation requires optimum use of the available space in the vehicles. Wooden Packing Plates can be stacked in several layers. On the other hand, Cardboard Boxes will succumb to the mechanical pressure in case of stacking. In such a case, Wooden Packing Crates are the best Packaging Solutions.
  • Relatively More Resistant To Moisture- Wooden Packing Crates are relatively more resistant to moisture as compare to Cardboard Boxes. So, they are a better option for packaging of non-durable items.

There are many manufacturers of Wooden Packing Crates and Atlas Box & Crating Company is one such company that supplies durable and quality Wooden Packing Crates. The Wooden Packing Crates offered by the company are specifically designed to bear all kind of mechanical, chemical, biological stresses, etc. during storage and shipment. Besides, the company offers various other Packaging Solutions including Corrugated Boxes, Fiber Packaging Boxes, Wooden Packing Crates, Foam Boxes, etc. For more information regarding the company and its various products, one can visit http://www.atlasbox.net.


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