Advantages of Using Corrugated Boxes For Packaging

Corrugated Boxes are one of the several types of Packaging Boxes that are made of corrugated paperboard. The edges of corrugated paperboard comprise of rows of air columns. The air trapped in these columns acts as the cushion and provides better protection against shock, vibration, compression, moisture, etc. Corrugated Boxes can be designed in various styles; the most common among them are the following:

  • Regular Slotted Container (RSC):  In the Corrugated Boxes with RSC design, all the flaps are alike in length. Minor flaps do not meet in the middle while major flaps do.
  • Half Slotted Container (HSC): In the Corrugated Boxes with HSC design, there is only one set of flaps and such boxes are ideal for carrying heavy goods.

Corrugated Boxes have gained immense popularity as packaging solutions. They are extensively used in several industries and there are a number of reasons behind that. Some of the advantages of Corrugated Boxes are as follows:

  •  Light Weight- Corrugated Boxes are light weight and are thus very easy to handle. Such an attribute is really a major requirement for end users when they are packaging and moving their valuables from one place to another.
  • Ensure Complete Safety- Corrugated Boxes, as discussed already, are made of corrugated paperboards that have air columns. These air columns act as cushion and prevent the packaged items from banging around. In Corrugated Boxes, enclosed items are completely safe against vibrations, shocks and jerks during shipment.
  • Availability In Various Box Designs- Corrugated Boxes are available in various box designs. Thus, the users can exercise their choice as per the specific requirements. This really gives Corrugated Boxes an edge over other packaging solutions.
  • Better Graphics Capabilities: When compared to other Packaging Solutions, Corrugated Boxes have better printing and graphic capabilities and as such these boxes are processed for better aesthetics. Even enterprises use Corrugated Boxes as effective marketing tools by getting their names, logo and other promotional details printed on them.

It is needless to mention that Corrugated Boxes have high strength and are suitable for packaging both durable and non-durable goods. Besides, the material that they are made of is recyclable and thus Corrugated Boxes are environment friendly. Cost effectiveness is yet another big advantage.

There are many Corrugated Packaging Boxes Manufacturers and Suppliers and Atlas Box & Crating Company is one among them. The company offers a wide range of Packaging Solutions including Corrugated Boxes, Fiber Packaging Boxes, Wooden Crate Boxes, Foam Boxes and many others. For more details regarding the offerings of the company, one can log on to


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