Corrugated Shipping Boxes Aren’t As Simple As They Look

Corrugated Shipping Boxes are not as simple as they appear to be. Corrugated Shipping Boxes are made from corrugated boards. Two main components are used to make corrugated boards: flat liners and fluted wavy sheet. The fluted wavy sheet, also called corrugated material, is placed and glued in between the two flat liners. More the thickness of the corrugated material, the more is the strength of the box.

Corrugated Boards are of three types. Single Wall Corrugated Boards are made by gluing one wavy sheet in between the two flat liners. When a second wavy sheet and third flat liner is carefully glued to the single wall, then it is called a Double Wall Corrugated Board. Similarly when another wavy sheet and flat liner is added, Triple Wall Corrugated Board is ready.

Corrugated Boxes are built to be durable. The flutes run vertically which provides stacking strength to the Corrugated Packaging Material. To increase the stacking strength, flanges are inserted at each end. Through Edge Crush Test, the strength of the Corrugated Material is measured. This test is basically done to specify how much force the corrugated board can withstand before it breaks.

Each Corrugated Box is manufactured according to the products it’s going to contain. Size, weight and delicateness of the product and the mode of transportation are taken into account while manufacturing the Corrugated Shipping Boxes.

Corrugated Shipping Boxes are the most commonly used packaging boxes. The reasons are numerous. Corrugated Shipping Boxes are durable enough to protect the product they carry. Corrugated Boxes offer excellent protection against physical impacts such as shocks and jerks. They are available at reasonable prices. These can be stacked against one another without running the risk of any damage.

Corrugated Boxes  are widely accepted as the best Packaging Boxes because of their durability, cost-effectiveness, strength, lightweight, recyclability etc. The fabrication process of Corrugated Boxes may a bit complex but they are quite easy to handle.


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