Useful Details Of Packaging Boxes

There are numerous types of boxes which are used for packaging purposes. These Packaging boxes might be fabricated from a number of materials like corrugated boards, wood, metal, plastic etc. Packaging boxes are manufactured in various sizes and shapes. Packaging boxes are used for many purposes. The two major functions of Packaging Boxes are:

·    To provide protection to the goods during shipment
·    For convenience in handling goods during storage, transportation and distribution

Types Of Packaging Boxes And Their Uses

Corrugated Boxes: Corrugated Boxes are fabricated from Corrugated Fiberboard. Corrugated boards are made by gluing a wavy sheet in between two flat liners. Corrugated boxes are used for safe delivery of products. These are widely used in industrial packaging applications. People also use these boxes to pack things while relocating.

Wooden Boxes: Wooden Boxes are boxes that are used for storage or as a shipping container. These are also called Crates. These can be manufactured from several types of wood, lumber, plywood, etc. There are many types of Wooden Boxes which are used as shipping containers like, Nailed Wood Box, Cleated Box, Wire bound Box and Skid Box.

Metal Boxes: Metal Boxes are generally made of steel, an alloy of iron, which is quite tough and durable. These are used to contain store and carry heavy goods. Metal Boxes have a number of advantages over other kinds of Packaging Boxes. Metal Boxes are tamperproof and provide complete protection. But these are quite expensive compared to other types of Packaging Boxes.

Plastic Boxes: Plastic Boxes are quite common these days. Their popularity can be attributed to their lightweight, flexibility, durability and economic costs. But these are very difficult to dispose of. Plastic Boxes are widely used in Food Industry.

The choice of Packaging Boxes depends upon the purpose you want to use it for. If you want boxes for lightweight items then you can opt for Cardboard Boxes whereas if you want boxes for heavy goods then you can go for metal or Wooden Boxes. All these types of Packaging Boxes are easily available in different sizes and at affordable prices. You can also Buy Packaging Boxes Online.


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