Corrugated Boxes- A Quality Product

Corrugated Boxes are widely used in various industries for carrying articles from one place to another. The strength and durability of Corrugated Boxes has made them highly popular. Corrugated Boxes are made up of corrugated paperboard. There is a row of air columns at the edge of the box which acts as cushion while paper column provides the strength to box.

The cellulose fibrous pulp of pine tree is used as a raw material in manufacturing the Corrugated Box. This makes the Corrugated Boxes economical and eco-friendly hence they are used in various industries. The amazing fact about Corrugated Boxes is that they can be recycled. Thus, they do not harm the nature in any way. It becomes very easy to carry Corrugated Boxes as there are no sharp edges.

The Corrugated Boxes are made up of two or more sheets of paper called lining and these linings are affixed by a corrugated medium called fluting. These three layers are responsible for the overall strength of the box. This structure of Corrugated Boxes makes it highly rigid. The air present in the inner medium called flute prevents the boxes against temperature variations. Depending on the composition and size of the fluting, the Corrugated Boxes can be categorized as: single and double walled box.

Single-Walled Corrugated Boxes are made up of two flat sheets of cellulose fiber with one sheet of flute in the middle. This middle sheet is responsible for strength to carry the weighty item. In Double-Walled Corrugated Boxes, there are three flat sheets of fibrous material and the flutes are placed in between these sheets at certain angles. This angular inclination of flutes provides more strength and support. The Double-Walled Corrugated Boxes are more durable than Single-Walled Corrugated Boxes and therefore find application in many industries.

Corrugated Boxes are extensively used in the Food Packaging Industry. This industry uses Corrugated Boxes in the packaging of food to protect it from getting spoiled. Apart from safe packaging, Corrugated Boxes are also used for promoting products. These boxes are printable hence can be used as a tool for identification, sales and marketing of products.


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