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Corrugated Shipping Boxes Aren’t As Simple As They Look

Corrugated Shipping Boxes are not as simple as they appear to be. Corrugated Shipping Boxes are made from corrugated boards. Two main components are used to make corrugated boards: flat liners and fluted wavy sheet. The fluted wavy sheet, also called corrugated material, is placed and glued in between the two flat liners. More the thickness of the corrugated material, the more is the strength of the box.

Corrugated Boards are of three types. Single Wall Corrugated Boards are made by gluing one wavy sheet in between the two flat liners. When a second wavy sheet and third flat liner is carefully glued to the single wall, then it is called a Double Wall Corrugated Board. Similarly when another wavy sheet and flat liner is added, Triple Wall Corrugated Board is ready.

Corrugated Boxes are built to be durable. The flutes run vertically which provides stacking strength to the Corrugated Packaging Material. To increase the stacking strength, flanges are inserted at each end. Through Edge Crush Test, the strength of the Corrugated Material is measured. This test is basically done to specify how much force the corrugated board can withstand before it breaks.

Each Corrugated Box is manufactured according to the products it’s going to contain. Size, weight and delicateness of the product and the mode of transportation are taken into account while manufacturing the Corrugated Shipping Boxes.

Corrugated Shipping Boxes are the most commonly used packaging boxes. The reasons are numerous. Corrugated Shipping Boxes are durable enough to protect the product they carry. Corrugated Boxes offer excellent protection against physical impacts such as shocks and jerks. They are available at reasonable prices. These can be stacked against one another without running the risk of any damage.

Corrugated Boxes  are widely accepted as the best Packaging Boxes because of their durability, cost-effectiveness, strength, lightweight, recyclability etc. The fabrication process of Corrugated Boxes may a bit complex but they are quite easy to handle.


Logistics Services Can Be Helpful To Businesses Of All Sizes

Logistics is a word which is often used to describe Shipping & Delivery Services. Logistics Services improve the flow of resources from one place to the other (destination). Because of convenience, the demand of these services has incredibly increased in all types of businesses. Logistics include Shipping Management Services like gathering information, handling the material, warehousing, packaging and safe transportation.

Benefits Of Logistics Services:

Time-saving: Rather than contacting multiple people for safe and reliable shipment, it is better to contact one Logistics Service Provider who can cater to all your transportation requirements. Logistics Service Providers are efficient enough to serve all your needs from handling the material to transporting it with safety. This saves a lot of time for the Manufacturers as the products are distributed on time.

Safety: Logistics Service Providers are capable enough to deliver the goods with safety. Proper care is taken by them so that the products reach the desired destination without any damage. This prevents undue losses of the company as nothing gets wasted.

Efficiency: Logistics Service Providers are known for their efficient management of the whole shipment process. Professional and knowledgeable staff is there to serve all your transportation needs.

Financial Saving: For a large scale business, it is possible to keep a staff for transportation purposes but this can be very costly.  Small scale enterprises may not be equipped with enough resources to manage logistic aspects. Thus, both small scale and large scale businesses can benefit from Logistics Services.

Some Logistic Services Providers only assist in the actual transportation of the product to the destination. But you should look for a Logistics Service Provider who provides all the following services:

  • Inventory Management And Control
  • Dedicated Warehousing
  • Order processing
  • Packaging Services
  • Customer service

Timely delivery will ensure customer satisfaction which will eventually result in increase of the demand. Every business whether on small or large scale, requires Shipping Management Services to ensure efficient, cost-effective, timely and smooth transportation.

Useful Details Of Packaging Boxes

There are numerous types of boxes which are used for packaging purposes. These Packaging boxes might be fabricated from a number of materials like corrugated boards, wood, metal, plastic etc. Packaging boxes are manufactured in various sizes and shapes. Packaging boxes are used for many purposes. The two major functions of Packaging Boxes are:

·    To provide protection to the goods during shipment
·    For convenience in handling goods during storage, transportation and distribution

Types Of Packaging Boxes And Their Uses

Corrugated Boxes: Corrugated Boxes are fabricated from Corrugated Fiberboard. Corrugated boards are made by gluing a wavy sheet in between two flat liners. Corrugated boxes are used for safe delivery of products. These are widely used in industrial packaging applications. People also use these boxes to pack things while relocating.

Wooden Boxes: Wooden Boxes are boxes that are used for storage or as a shipping container. These are also called Crates. These can be manufactured from several types of wood, lumber, plywood, etc. There are many types of Wooden Boxes which are used as shipping containers like, Nailed Wood Box, Cleated Box, Wire bound Box and Skid Box.

Metal Boxes: Metal Boxes are generally made of steel, an alloy of iron, which is quite tough and durable. These are used to contain store and carry heavy goods. Metal Boxes have a number of advantages over other kinds of Packaging Boxes. Metal Boxes are tamperproof and provide complete protection. But these are quite expensive compared to other types of Packaging Boxes.

Plastic Boxes: Plastic Boxes are quite common these days. Their popularity can be attributed to their lightweight, flexibility, durability and economic costs. But these are very difficult to dispose of. Plastic Boxes are widely used in Food Industry.

The choice of Packaging Boxes depends upon the purpose you want to use it for. If you want boxes for lightweight items then you can opt for Cardboard Boxes whereas if you want boxes for heavy goods then you can go for metal or Wooden Boxes. All these types of Packaging Boxes are easily available in different sizes and at affordable prices. You can also Buy Packaging Boxes Online.

Keep Your Deliveries Secure With Foam Packaging

Packaging Material comes in different forms but the most commonly used Packaging Material is Foam Packaging. Foam Packaging is gaining popularity as it ensures the safety of the product during shipment. Foam Packaging provides excellent protection from vibrations and shocks. Apart from product protection, Foam Packaging also ensures that perishable goods do not get spoilt due to exposure to the environment.

The demand for Foam Packaging is increasing as they can be used for transporting commercial goods as well as household items.  Foam Packaging Materials are used for many delicate items that require extra-protection against physical impacts. Foam Packaging can also be used for warehousing. Foam Packaging Materials are universally accepted as one of the best types of Packaging Material. There are several benefits of using Foam Packaging and they can be summarized as follows:

Benefits Of Foam Packaging

Highly Protective: Foam is basically made of plastic that has air blown into it. Foam is one of those materials that can easily absorb shocks and jerks during the shipment process. Foam Packaging is resistant to moisture and thus, offers complete protection to the packaged material.

Lightweight: Foam Packaging is light. This means that it can protect the product without adding much to the total weight. Foam Packaging is available in various sizes and shapes which enables you to conveniently use them for many purposes. It is very easy to manage them as Foam Packaging, unlike shredded paper, keeps the place tidy and clean.

Affordable: Foam Packaging is quite affordable as compared to other Packaging materials. Further, Foam Packaging is lightweight that cuts down the transportation cost substantially as the shipment charges are proportional to the weight of the goods being transported.

Customizable: You can easily tailor the Foam Packaging according to your specific requirements. These are extremely flexible and can be customized according to the size of the goods. These are easily available too.

Versatile: Foam Packaging is one of the most versatile forms of packaging available in the market. Foam Packaging is most commonly used when one is relocating to another place. These are also widely used by companies that sell delicate sensitive items such as glass products.

Recyclable: Another advantage of Foam Packaging is that it is recyclable and hence, eco-friendly.

In the light of the above mentioned benefits, nobody can deny the fact that Foam Packaging is the best Packaging Solution when it comes to shipment of fragile items. If you are looking for an affordable and convenient way to protect your belongings during shipment and storage, then you should definitely consider Foam Packaging.

Choose Corrugated Packaging To Protect Your Product

Choosing the right materials for packaging and transporting things is very important as the safety of the things largely depends on the packaging materials. Packing the things in materials not suited for them can cause great harm to the objects and even lead to huge losses. Corrugated Boxes are one of the most common and the safest packaging material which are used for packaging and shipping almost all kinds of things. Corrugated Boxes are designed to be very strong and durable. They are made from Corrugated Paperboard which is quite different from regular cardboards. This Corrugated Cardboard has air columns that act as cushions and the columns of paper provide strength to the box.

Benefits Of Using Corrugated Packaging:

Corrugated Packaging is suited for the shipment of wide range of objects such as electrical equipment, glass items and even edible products.

  • Corrugated Boxes are quite large in size and have high storage capacity.
  • Cardboard Dividers can be placed in these boxes to create partitions in the boxes for safely packing and transporting glass objects and other delicate items.
  • Corrugated Boxes can also be padded to protect the things being supplied from getting cracked, scratched or broken.
  • Important information related to the objects being packed can be easily got printed on these boxes.
  • The name of the brand and company can be printed on the box which is good for the promotion and publicity of the company.
  • Corrugated Boxes are foldable and can be easily stored even in small places for reuse.
  • These Corrugated Boxes can be further treated to provide protection against abrasions, water, oil and grease.
  • Corrugated Boxes are strong enough to carry all kinds of heavy and bulky objects also.
  • These Corrugated Boxes are one of the cheapest packaging options as they are made out of recycled materials. Because of this reason, Corrugated Boxes are used by big companies to keep the expenses under control.

Corrugated Boxes are the safest choice for transporting products. They can be properly sealed to protect any kind of tampering with the objects on the way. The easy availability is also one of the reasons for their widespread use and popularity.

Foam Packaging- Ideal For Supplying Things Safely

Supplying things in a safe and proper manner is of utmost importance as even a little scratch can mean a big loss. Proper packaging, among other things, plays an important part in ensuring that the transported item reaches the place without any defect. Foam is one of the most popular choices for packaging and supplying materials. Foam is actually a kind of plastic in which air has been blown which makes it quite light.  It is quite a safe and sturdy option for supplying all kinds of materials.

Why Use Foam For Packaging?

  • Foam Packaging is suitable for supplying all kinds of materials such as industrial equipment as well as household things and even expensive gift items.
  • Foam Packaging is quite light and does not add to the total weight of the thing being supplied. This also cuts down the extra cost which is usually calculated on the basis of the total weight.
  • As Foam is quite flexible, it can be folded as per the shape of the item that is to be packed. Thus the packaged item can be adjusted in minimum space while shipment. It even gets easier for the workers to load and unload the things.
  • Foam Packaging is not messy to work with and can be easily handled by the people who are packing and unpacking the articles.
  • Foam Packaging is available in Hard and Soft varieties. Delicate things can be packaged in the Soft varieties of Foam to keep them safe even from cracks. Hard and sturdy things can be packaged in Hard varieties of Foam to protect them from physical impacts.
  • The most important benefit of using Foam Packaging is that it has very good shock absorbing properties. It keeps the objects safe from breaking during long and harsh journeys.
  • Foam Packaging is also safe for packing and transporting electrical items.
  • There are certain Foam types that are resistant to moisture and do not absorb water.
  • After unpacking the things, the foam can easily be folded and kept at a corner for later use.

Foam Packaging  is a very good option for supplying all kinds of things safely. It can be used for transporting both household and industrial goods with the least of efforts and that’s why it is highly popular.

How To Select Wooden Crates For Your Unique Shipping Needs

In this contemporary and dynamic global scenario, business transactions are not restricted to just homeland, rather they have flourished all across the globe. The products are extensively imported and exported from one country to another. The transportation process has to be safe so that the products retain their originality. Besides, it is also very crucial that the products are properly packaged. The packaging material should be tough and durable so that it can keep its contents unaffected from external affects. This is where the role of Wooden Crates becomes very significant.

Wooden Crates are widely demanded due to their strength and reliability. The Wooden Crates are available in varied sizes and capacities. Furthermore, you can also get this packaging material as per your requirements from the Custom Wooden Boxes Manufacturers. Here, you will get to know more about Wooden Crates. Besides, the write-up will also help you to select the best Wooden Crates to meet the varied packaging requirements.

Attributes Of Wooden Crates:
The qualities of Wooden Crates that make them a preferred choice among other packaging materials are as follows:
·    Made of durable plywood and timber
·    Lightweight
·    Suitable for storing different types of items
·    Easy to carry
·    Shock resistant
·    Cost effective

How To Select Wooden Crates For Your Unique Shipping Needs?
·    If you are in import or export business and require Wooden Crates on a regular basis, it is essential that you get them from reliable vendor. Ensure that the vendor can make available durable, yet affordable Wooden Crates For Sale. To find out such Wooden Crates Manufacturers and Suppliers, proper research work is needed.
·    Various considerations should be given due importance, such as the size of the shipping contents, weight of the consignment and shape of shipping crate. This will ease the selection of right Wooden Crate and will also meet varied storage and shipping needs.
·    For serving varied packaging purposes, there are various kinds of Wooden Crates available in markets. The different types of Wooden Crates are Open Style Crates, Lumber Crates and Closed Plywood Crates. You can choose the most appropriate Wooden Crate as per your requirements.

You can Buy Wooden Crates Online at affordable prices. Going online to buy Wooden Crates from the Packaging Material Manufacturer is a time saving option as well. Make sure that you come across the genuine Wooden Crates Manufacturer.