About Corrugated Boxes

The creation of Corrugated Boxes has a long and significant history. The Corrugated Box was the invention of American Robert Gair in the year 1890. This invention was an accident as he had cut a flat piece of cardboard which was folded into a box. Later a process was introduced in 1894 during which the mass production of Corrugated Box was also created. These boxes were used in small shipments and finally the government approved in 1903 that these boxes can be used in the form of a shipping container.

Design Of Corrugated Boxes:

These boxes are designed in various sizes which are made keeping in mind the needs of the customers. They are easy to make and the customers can handle them with ease. These kinds of boxes are easily distinguished because they have different rows of air columns. These boxes have a strong material which keeps them upright and protects them from banging around. These boxes are made up of fibrous pulps which are extracted from pine trees.

Advantages Of Corrugated Boxes:

  • These boxes do not have sharp edges so they can’t scratch the person handling them while the goods are being transported from one place to another.
  • These boxes are highly durable and can be used for various packaging needs.These boxes can handle the pressure of heavy items easily and you can put these boxes next to each other or over one another, without worrying about any damage to the goods inside.
  • Recycled paper is used in the making of these boxes due to which these boxes are environmental friendly. All organic material is used in manufacturing various Corrugated Boxes and no harmful chemicals, that can harm the environment, are used
  • These boxes have a smooth surface which allows you to label them with stickers and simultaneously, you can advertise your company and promote your product.
  • While packing your products in Corrugated Boxes, you can relax with ease without worrying that your boxes can break as these boxes include three to more layers of cardboard.
  • The boxes are very lightweight and do not add on to the container load or the costs of shipment.

If you are also searching for a reliable company which deals in providing Corrugated Boxes with various uses, then you need to contact various Corrugated Boxes Manufacturers who can provide you the Corrugated Box of best material at the most affordable rates in the market.


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